Terms & Conditions
  1. Gymnasts can only participate in a session if British Gymnastics membership/insurance has been paid in full. If you have not paid your membership, your gymnast will not be able to participate in the session.  The British Gymnastics membership year runs from 1 October to 30 September each year 

  2. Gymnasts and parents/guardians agree to abide by all club policies, statements, code of conducts and payment terms.

  3. Jewellery  – please refer to the codes of conduct where you can find the jewellery policy.

  4. Gymnasts under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a responsible adult to and from sessions. Your children are your responsibility until they are registered in the gym.

  5. Your children are your responsibility until they are registered in the gym hall.

  6. You understand that gymnastics involves risks and that although mats and extensive safety equipment are provided, this may not prevent injury.

  7. Under no circumstances should any gymnastics (or any physical activity or sport) be undertaken in the changing rooms, bathrooms or in any other part of the premises.

  8. We give opportunities for talented children to develop.

  9. Our aim is to progress our gymnasts to work towards appropriate level Competitions.

  10. Performers Gymnastics Academy will amend a gymnasts’ training schedules to suit ability, commitment, development and/or progress. This could mean an increase or decrease of hours.  This is at the discretion of the Senior Coaching team.


  1. Fees are due in advance, via bank transfer or cash and must be paid on time before partaking in any Performers Gymnastics session.

  2. If any fees are overdue by more than 14 days this may result in membership suspension and the gymnast will be unable to partake in gymnastics sessions or other club activities.

  3. Performers Gymnastics Academy requires British Gymnastics Membership (compulsory). ‘Bronze’ Level Membership is suitable for most gymnasts.

  4. You are agreeing to a fixed class/es each week for your child for an 8 week block.  Classes may not be changed during this time and refunds will not be issued if the block  is not completed.  It is your responsibility to ensure that your child arrives on time and in suitable clothing.

  5. There are no refunds for sessions missed by a gymnast, including replacement sessions arranged by the club but not attended.

  6. In cases of extreme weather it may be necessary for us to cancel classes if it is not deemed safe to open the gym. Although, we will make every effort to offer replacement classes we are unable to guarantee this. Performers Gymnastics Academy is unable to re-imburse any cancelled classes for this reason.

  7. 4 weeks notice is required to cancel your childs class. If cancellation notice is not given, a payment equivalent to 4 weeks fees is required

  8. Our club operates over a 52 week/year, with a 49 week ‘centre open’ period. We are closed for two weeks over Christmas and 1 week elsewhere. You will not be charged for these dates.

  9. If a session is cancelled alternatives will be offered whenever possible.

  10. If a gymnast leaves Performers Gymnastics Academy and has not taken advantage of replacement sessions that have been made available, there are no refunds.

  11. The sessions, session timetable and session content may be changed at any time by Performers Gymnastics Academy.