Codes Of Conduct  

As a member of Performers Gymnastics Academy, you are expected to abide by the following club rules:

  • Respect fellow gymnasts and coaches

  • Treat all equipment with respect 

  • You must inform one of the coaches of any injuries or illness or concerns you have before the warm-up begins.

  • ​Suitable clothing must be worn for all classes. A pair of leggings/shorts with a plain fitted t-shirt can be worn in the first couple of weeks and then we ask you to please wear a gymnastics leotard. Long hair to be tied back neatly and no jewellery to be worn. Crop tops and shorts are not suitable gymnastics attire.

  • No food or drinks to be had in the gym (all food and drink to be in the locker room only)

  • Always ask your coach permission to leave the gym to use the toilet or to have a drink

  • Gymnasts should remain in the gym at the end of the session until their parent or guardian has collected them. 

  • Parents should arrive promptly to collect their child at the end of the session.

  • Competition squad members have to condition and stretch both in training and at home. They must recognise that a competition place is based upon their ability and behaviour and is subject to continual review in order to best benefit you. You must understand that a place in the competition squad involves a commitment to participate in any competitions that your coach has deemed suitable for you. you should behave appropriately at competitions and remember you are representing the club at all times​